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DR RYAN COLLART and DR KARI COLLART are graduates of Logan College of Chiropractic and have had the opportunity to serve the Tri-Cities since 2010. Kari and Ryan have your back! And we mean that quite literally... as Chiropractic Physicians, they know that a strong, healthy and flexible spine is the key to a long and active life!

Dr. Ryan specializes in healing all ailments of the spine. He is extremely passionate in aiding patients obtaining optimum sports performance allowing the body to perform at its most optimal. 

Not only can Dr. Kari align your spine, she is also a long time practitioner of yoga. Seeing the benefits in her own life, it only made sense to become certified to teach so she could further help her patients. In addition to yoga and chiropractic, Kari is also a CrossFit trainer.

RAYNA is a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2014 and an avid runner. She understands the musculoskeletal systems needs in order to maintain health and function. Rayna also works with energy healing, hot stones, swedish, sport massage, and deep tissue. When she isn't massaging or running, you can catch her walking bear, her dog with crazy eyes.  

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